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Roskapostisuojaus: Paljonko on viisi miinus neljä?
(Pakollinen, Vastaa numeroin)

Nimi: huu

30.10.2017 14:49

That's how I met him. He gave the rose to me after I had calmed down and helped me back to the central road so that I could find my way back home. Then he disappeared before I could ask him what was his name.

Nimi: huu

13.10.2017 11:28

We were just staring at each other in silence. I was so scared I couldn't even tremble. He looked at me blankly and choked my almost-kidnapper so hard he couldn't breathe and tried to struggle out of his grip but the angel was too strong.
>> Then it happened. All it took was a sharp, small movement and the chubby man fell dead to the ground. The stranger just casually stepped over him and walked to me. I was too afraid to move and carefully observed his every step and tried to assure myself of that he wouldn't kill me. When he was right in front of me, he crouched and brought his hand to my hair. I shivered at his touch and felt myself starting to tremble but I couldn't - and didn't want - to stop him. There was something soothing and tender in his touch and demeanor and I couldn't quite tell what in him made me trust him even though he just killed a man in front of me.
>> As he brushed my messy hair from my face to behind my ear, I studied his face. His skin was little paler than mine and his silky, blond hair was combed elegantly so that a piece of his hair was in a bun behind his head. His eyes were intense but at the same time it was gentle and protective. The blank look was long gone and now I could see so many emotions that I couldn't name even one. It was kind of scary and alluring at the same time.
>> "Are you scared?" he asked and his voice was low and quiet - as if he was trying not to scare me away. He pulled his hand away from my hair and that made me shiver - but this time due to the sudden cold feeling.
>> I just shook my head no. "I'm just cold," I whimpered and it was then when I realized that I was crying.
>> He just chuckled and sighed. "I know you're brave but you can cry if you want."
>> I felt relieved at his words but I still refused to cry. I didn't want to because I knew it would be extremely hard to stop.
>> The angel chuckled again, this time pulling me into a hug. "You're strong... What's your name?"
>> I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent, which was a lot different from the scents I had gotten used to. I couldn't completely describe it but it could have been some flower and vanilla. I buried my head to his silken hair and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I felt his clothes under my hands and the fabric was soft and coarse at the same time. He was wearing completely white clothes with some kind of scarf tied around his neck. I didn't pay too much attention to that.
>> My name is Aya.

Nimi: huu

26.09.2017 14:02

"What's this?"
"It's a rose."
"A rose?"
"Yes. Beautiful, isn't it?"

I'm playing a memory in my mind as I am gazing into the horizon. I am holding a beautiful - but dehydrated - flower in my hands. It brings back so many memories. Good ones as well as bad ones.

Every time I see the flower - which I have been saving for ten years only because I have formed an emotional bond with it - I remember the angel who gave it to me. It probably sounds childish but I was eight when the rose was given to me and the man was just like an angel. For what I can remember, his hair was long, silken and the colour of mixed silver and gold. His features were beautiful and strong at the same time. He was really tall and his scent was mesmerizing and exotic.

How did I happen to meet him? Well, I was playing hide and seek with my older brother when my parents were organizing our new home, to which we had moved in for couple days earlier, when I ran too far and got lost in a completely strange and new city. I didn't have time to start panicking, when I felt someone grab my arm. I turned to him and saw a evil-looking chubby man who peeked at my face mischievously. "Are you lost?" he asked and when I nodded shyly, he started to drag me away. I pleaded for him to let me go, that I would find my way without a stranger's help. He just laughed and took me to a back alley. He shoved me to ground and started to bag me. I begged and cried for help as I tried to fight him back as hard as I could.
>> After a little while I felt how he was pulled away from me. I quickly fought myself out of the bag and froze from shock. I saw an Angel.
>> Angel of Death.

Nimi: huu

26.09.2017 13:07
Reinier - Dutch Merchant
Aya - Protagonist
Itsuki - Aya's Brother
Takashi - Aya's father
Haruka - Aya's mother

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